C++ Templates: The Complete Guide. David Vandevoorde, Nicolai M. Josuttis

C++ Templates: The Complete Guide

ISBN: 0201734842,9780201734843 | 552 pages | 14 Mb

C++ Templates: The Complete Guide David Vandevoorde, Nicolai M. Josuttis
Publisher: addison-wesley

Josuttis; "A description of the C++ typename keyword"; "Tech talk about C++ templates". An excerpt from the book "C++ Templates - The Complete Guide" helps explain what is really happening here. It's a collection of "syntax patterns" for templates, describing in brief what each one is, leaving the more complete explanation to Google searches. C++ FAQ Lite, especially chapter 35; "The C++ Programming Language, 3rd edition" by Bjarne Stroustrup; "C++ Templates: The Complete Guide" by David Vandevoorde and Nicolai M. Davide Di Gennaro: Advanced C++ Metaprogramming, CreateSpace, 1st edition, 2011. Josuttis: C++ Templates: The Complete Guide, Addison-Wesley, 1st edition 2002. À�C++ Templates: The Complete Guide》读书笔记. One of the numerous benefits that working at Microsoft brings is that you can just walk in one of the internal libraries and find such a book. C++ Templates - The Complete Guide. Addison Wesley C++ Network Programming,Volume 2. Thinking in C++: http://www.planetpdf.com/developer/article.asp?ContentID=6634 "Tiago Correia" * Art of Computer Programming Series – Donald E. David Vandevoorde and Nicolai M. ͅ�플릿 만으로 이만큼 분량을 뽑아낼 수 있구나. Pointers and references together with the const qualifyer are an easy thing to forget after you've been away from C++ for a while and you're switching back from a scripting language like Python. ̞�세한 설명으로 템플릿 내공을 쌓는데 그만이다. The idea is when I run into another . C++ Templates - The complete guide.

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